Welcome to Inclusive Humanity, your best source for news, opinions, and issues related to disability, inclusion, and social justice.

We aspire to be a place of information, inspiration and perspective for families, professionals, advocates and organizations.

For families we hope to be place for sharing, commentary, and mutual support.

For organizations we want to be source of inspiration and practical tools for creating supports for citizens with disabilities that truly reflects their imperative contributions to community.

We provide training, consulting, workshops and information sessions on organizational and strategic planning, inclusive initiatives and social messaging for organizations that support vulnerable people.

So starting today this will be my humble contribution to this technologically confusing, but nonetheless powerful vehicle of inspiration, conversation, and all things that matter. I love the thought of digging a little deeper with you into the issues that effect citizens with disabilities, their families, and all of us that are concerned about the future of our communities. As we expand look for more resources, valuable links, editorial and helpful tips to support the organizations and people you love.

Yes, from my limited understanding of this medium, I gather it works best if there is genuine and responsive conversation. So grab your coffee and sit down for a while. Post a reply, a comment, or any additional information. Tell me what I need to “know to be true”.

We can’t wait to talk with you.