Some things have to be proven. Einstein knew it, Galileo knew it,  and if you have children in school who are subjected to standardized testing you know it too.
So when does the need to demonstrate your value and competency in the world begin to erode your sense of self, and eradicate your ability to be seen as fully complete in your humanness?

Take a minute and watch the trailer for this award winning documentary called Certain Proof. In this documentary (having had it’s world premier at the Vail Film Festival in 2011) FootPath Pictures sensitively and with unflinching honesty, follows the lives of three children with disabilities and their families as they are continually burdened with the wrong-minded notion that they somehow must “prove” their children’s intelligence, self awareness, and value, the microcosm of the world that we call school.

This film is about the brutality inherent in commodifying the human spirit.

It reflects the best of who we can be when we work hard to overlook our presumptions and question the social construct of disability.
It reflects the worst of us when we measure all contribution in an arbitrary and exclusionary way.

It tells the truth about the resiliency of families and reveals the lies we tell ourselves about what is “best for people”.

There is no down side to presuming competency or in the unfaltering belief that love, peace and inclusion, binds us in a way that can protect us from pain insecurity and loneliness.
That’s what I know to be true…and I can prove it.

“Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around” Henry David Thoreau.