Every once in a while you get to be present when “what goes around comes around”. This week I was sent a link to this video about the perils of using pity, segregation and charity to raise money for organizations that serve people with disabilities. As my regular readers know-this is the major theme in most of the consulting, workshops and presentations that I have done around the world and, it was also a perspective that I integrated into my work as the former Executive Director of the Canadian Down Syndrome Society. Watch this video it’s worth the 15 minutes…it just might change your mind about how your organization raises money.

Lest you think I am above a little self promotion…check out the organization whose campaign is heralded as a bold departure from traditional charitable campaign. Huge shout out to the photographer responsible for most of the images used in this campaign Karee Davidson-see her work here www.conceptsphoto.com , and also to Andrew Brown Marketing and Communication wizard, whose courage and insight never fail to amaze me.

Think about your messages. Where do they fall on the pity, segregation, and charity meter?