For The Love of #$%# Bowling!

There is nothing about having Down syndrome that can keep this dancer from kicking some competitor butt at a REGULAR-thats right I said it-Not At ALL Special-National Ballroom Dance competition. Teddy Kremer 29 took first place in the Foxtrot, Tango and Waltz in Covington Ohio last week. Teddy Kremer began taking ballroom dancing lessons at a dance class exclusively for people with Down syndrome. Lets hope bringing the National Tittle will finally give him the opportunity to perhaps be an instructor at some community dance studios.

Then there is this…Now I have a reputation for being down on bowling for people with disabilities. It’s not that have any particular distain for the sport. What I object to is the notion that if you are disabled and express an interest in sport, you seem to get sucked onto this weird vortex that spits you out at the nearest bowling lanes, in the middle of the day, when no one else is playing because they are all at work or school. I don’t see it as a vehicle for meaningful inclusion. Surely we can do better. If disability truly does cut across all gender, socio-economic, cultural and geographic boundaries…then surely not EVERYONE with a disability will have a burning desire to bowl.

For me this video says it all. Notice the broadcasters, syrupy sweet voices when they bemoan their own poor bowling scores…and how astonishing it is that “people like this have such proficiency in the sport”. You might also note the fact that while this Special Olympics bowling league is practicing at the UCC lanes, you are hard pressed to identify another living soul in the lanes except for the instructors and Special Olympians. So much for inclusion and facilitating the opportunity to develop meaning community relationships.

Whose for changing the poster sport for people with disabilities to golf, or ski jumping.

This is a stereotype that just will not go away.

Let the haranguing begin. Strike away folks!