This Sept. 2nd I began a new path and returned to school for the first time in ….um well… lets just say a really long while.

I went to school for a long time, and still, some of this shit is news to me.


In no particular order here is what I am learning.


  1. Contrary to what you may hear, it is SOOOOO completely important that the kids like you, the teachers’ care about you, and your school is one that makes you feel welcome and included in everything. This is the shit that counts.


  1. Kids do quirky shit. Did you hear me? I said ALL KIDS do quirky shit. Some kids do it for comfort, some kids do it to focus, some do it to cope, and some kids do it to connect to the world around them. Sometimes kids do it longer, more often and with more energy than others. But ALL kids do quirky shit.


  1. Anyone who works with kids should have a bottle of that antiseptic shit around their neck at all time, ALL little people are swirling petri dishes of the craziest hybrid of virus’s which will bring YOU to your knees, but will barely effect THEIR passion for, and ability to climb everything in sight.


  1. Shit that happens at school really effects how you feel at home. We spend 7 hours a day with your children; our first and most important job is to attend to their dignity, their uniqueness and their gifts. To ensure they know who they are in the world, and how much their contributions mean to their school, their families and to their communities. This work is important shit. What a tremendous honour it is to be a part of a child’s life as they learn to develop their academics and more importantly their ability to take their rightful place as citizens in the world at large as adults. I have never felt more completely connected to all that universality, power of children, hand that rocks the cradle shit than I do in this role.


  1. Watching kids learn is crazy, blow your mind, shit. I mean really!!! Always presume competency, there is no down side in that approach, more often than not your assumptions will be met with an abundance of effort and ability!


  1. I have so much more shit to learn, ABOUT EVERYTHING. If there is one thing that being with kids reminds you, it is that you don’t know shit about what is really important.


Yours in the learning,