Non-Profit Strategy, Consulting, & Speaking Services

Your Impact Begins Here

Inclusive Humanity is your greatest source of inspiration and hands on support when it comes to creating synergy, collaboration, and impact in your sphere of influence. Businesses, Non-Profit Orgnizations, Government and NGOs will find inspiration, support and real world strategies to begin to shape meaningful change.

Inclusive Humanity consults with organizations that serve vulnerable people, to provide guidance and inspiration to increase the effectiveness of their messaging, and to help facilitate strategic development. In addition to consulting services Inclusive Humanity’s Founder and Chief Story Teller, Krista Flint has been a guest lecturer, keynote presenter and workshop leader in countless cities, provinces, states and countries, because of her unique perspective, marketing savvy and sense of humour.

Non-Profit Consulting

Lewis Carol once wrote…”If you don’t know where your going any old road will do”. Get a handle on your organizational direction and impact. Inclusive Humanity can provide strategic planning, leadership coaching and values based training to help your organization make the most of your resources. Be more successful with funders and stakeholders with greater organizational efficiency and a clear direction.

Strategic Planning

Help your organization envision a clear direction and destination. Using innovative tools and techniques, Inclusive Humanity will walk with you and facilitate your journey to greater social impact.

Leadership Coaching

Great leadership separates powerful non-profits from the pack. Invest in this powerful support process so your team of leaders make good decisions, empower their staff, and lead where others will follow.

Values Based Training

Where do you stand on important issues like your mission and mandate? Help your organization see and share the big picture, where commitment, and efficacy evolve from powerful, articulated and enduring ethics.

Inclusive Business Design and Consulting

Hiring an Inclusive workforce, ensuring your marketing and sales materials are accessible, and contributing to good corporate citizenship are all compelling reasons to consider the business imperative of diversity. Inclusive Humanity can work with your business, staff, board, leadership team and stakeholders to work toward a corporate culture that represents the communities that you operate in, sell to, and ultimately rely on to be successful.

Inclusion Audits

Rate and measure the accessibility and level of inclusiveness currently in your business. Identify areas for development, and opportunities to be more welcoming to your customer base in all it’s diversity.

Support Employment Protocols

It’s not just about wider doorways and technology. Hiring valued employees with disabilities sometimes requires a bit of a culture shift. Inclusive Humanity can make it happen.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Want to support a cause but unsure of how to begin the process of creating an enduring and profitable match? Inclusive Humanity will ensure you are connecting to the right non-profits for your unique business imperative.

Public Speaking and Presentations

Harnessing the power of a compelling narrative, engaging storytelling and the voices of citizens with disabilities, Inclusive Humanity can create a powerful workshops, presentations, or lectures for your next conference or professional development day that is sure to inspire and garner a tremendous response to your call to action. Prepare to see change in your organization, change your community, and change in your impact on the world.

Keynote Sessions

With over 20 years experience, we can ensure your next conference or gathering starts off on the right foot! Multi-media, compelling and emotive presentations on the issues that matter most to your organization and constituency will create a call to action!

Interactive Workshops

Small group work and hands on problem solving are the hallmarks of Inclusive Humanities interactive workshops. Tapping into your groups innovation gives everyone the freedom to teach and the freedom to learn.

Sensitivity Training

Co-created and co-facilitated by individuals with disabilities, these sensitivity training sessions tackle some of the most deeply held and erroneous assumptions about disability.


Available Presentations Include:
  • Fair and Balanced Information in the Prenatal Setting
  • Social Marketing in the Non-Profit Sector: How to get Community to Hear the Stories We want to Tell!
  • Re-branding for Impact, Scale and Durability
  • Justice or Pity: How to Engage and Sustain your Audience.
  • Strategic Planning, Organizational PATH Facilitation, and Open Space Technology Strategies for Goal Setting
  • And many more to fit your organizational needs.

What People Are Saying

I highly recommend the services of Inclusive Humanity and Krista Flint. Krista’s range of knowledge, her experience, and her deep conviction that each of us has something to contribute, that every person is valued, make her a significant ally and resource for people with disabilities and their families. Whenever I want to check my instinct on something I look to what Krista has to say. I continue to learn from her and consider her a trailblazer and a mentor.

Clare Hitchens

Chair, Steering Committee of Facile Waterloo Region

When NWDSA/ABI began the process of doing a strategic plan for our non-profit this past year, Krista was the first person we thought of to facilitate the process. Her sound values in inclusion and best-practices for organizations serving the disability community, coupled with her experience in the non-profit world made her the obvious choice for our organization.

When Krista arrived in Portland to begin working with us, we were immediately impressed with the depth of her questioning as she sought to understand where we were organizationally, where we came from, and where we want to go. She guided us through an intensive process, and we came out with a strong three-year plan and vision that was true to our mission and values. She pushed us to create a plan that was sustainable, while at the same time stretching our capacity and forcing us to look in the long term.

In addition to being highly skilled as a facilitator, Krista was professional and fun to work with, and we look forward to future opportunities to collaborate!

Abby Braithwaite

Board Member, Northwest Down Syndrome Association