Redefining Disability Through Theatre

I had the great pleasure of attending Dr. Heidi Janz’s newest play “The Book of Jobes” last night. It was horribly sad, wildly sarcastic, unflinchingly raw, funny as hell, and ultimately a celebration of the notion of fate, destiny and forgiveness. I hope it gets some national attention which translates into a tour which reaches many more Canadian cities.


From the FireExit theatre website…

This play tells the story of Rachel Jobes, a disabled scholar who loses her identity, but not her life for some reason, after a violent attack in her home. Based on Dr. Janz’s lived experience, this play deals with the archetypal question: “Why do bad things happen to ‘good’ people?” and the related question of whether or not suffering can, in any sense, be “redemptive?”

On a side note in talking with the accomplished playwrite after the production she bemoaned the fact that that her newly refurbished and repaired wheelchair complete with a “new brain”, had suddenly and spontaneously up and died during the performance.

Yup, it is the karmic equivillant of “the handibus was late or didn’t show”. Some things (like the central theme of the play) are providence.

According to Dr. Janz, “Hey, you gotta play the hand your dealt.”

Listen to Dr. Heidi Janz as she talks about her life and the process of creating this powerful piece of theatre.