Does your organization regularly sow, and grow hope? Optimism can be hard in large systems, but seeking it out, and nurturing it can result in wildly positive results.

Look for the good stories. Tell them often and with vigour. Make  time and space for acknowledging the power in the ordinary. Highlight inclusion that happens in small spaces, community places, and in niches of citizens doing great things by making nuanced but intentioned changes. Bring examples of change making, paradigm shifting work to the forefront of your organization.

Ensure your organization has a well organized and frequent forum for the people who receive your service to tell their own stories.

Make room for the positive. Don’t get me wrong, never turn away from the issues you need to take a stand on in order to facilitate the voices of self-advocates. But remember to promote what you love. Look outside your constituency for inspiration. The examples are every where. Be supportive of other efforts, when appropriate.

Stay the course, and turn your face to the sun once in a while…good things are growing all around you.


Hope Finds a Home

We can be opened wide with inspiration. Truth emerges like form from clay-where stories evolve into images of diversity and inclusion. Momentum builds, raw emotion is collected in tears and in laughter. Torrents. Hope finds a home here.

Come together and begin. Make room for this infant of optimism. Still-they will gnaw at our indignation and chip away at our resolve. The fury is palatable, “we’ve always done it this way” seethes from politics, and systems and policy. And still, hope finds a home here.

Words whispered in hushed determination. Small pockets of expectancy develop. Ideas are born of bluntness, and clarity, and protected spaces, and mirth. Hope finds a home here.

Finally, out of the swell of chaos and the sinew of old wounds, tentative and measured steps emerge. Patterns of convoluted and ordinary community connections create opportunity. . You can hear words like trust, and justice and tomorrow. Hope finds a home here.

There is beauty. We know. We are sure. Hope finds a home here.


Hopeful music we are listening to right now.