Stop tinkering on the edges of service delivery systems that fundamentally misrepresent the imperative contributions people with disabilities have to make to community.

Sometimes, grand, sweeping change is necessary. Smash, ameliorate and dismantle systems that keep people defined by their labels and ensconced in service delivery.

Worry less about policy, procedure, protocol, and organizational risk. Start asking the hard questions about the ways in which services can sometimes keep people from living rich community lives filled with relationships.

Be brave. Because your bravery pales in comparison to the resiliency asked of individuals and families.

Do whatever work is necessary to ensure citizens with disabilities are rooted, connected, blossoming and blooming of the chaos of ordinary community life.

Ensure that the people you serve have a voice that is heard and help them to express the life affirming sentiment, the only one that binds us together… “No. Never again, I will NOT go. This is where I belong, I belong with you.”