A Letter from Simon Flint

I am abundantly proud to introduce you today to a very talented guest blogger. Now admittedly I may be somewhat biased, as the blogger in question is my 12 year old son Simon Flint. Simon’s class (and I think all elementary school students in Alberta) were asked to write, draw, illustrate or communicate in some way with the Honourable Thomas Lukaszuk Minester of Education. Students were asked to tell the Minister what would make their school better. I am thrilled to share Simons letter with you.


Dear Minister. Lukaszuk


My name is Simon Flint I am a student at Elboya school in grade 7 I would like to share some ideas with you. First I think that school should be about more than tests. After your done university or college you really don’t do many pencil and paper tests any more. You get tested in the important stuff like being strong, brave, and kind.


In school you spend all you time learning what’s going to be on the next test you will have to take. But when you get out of school things will be a lot different than what they had led you to believe. Life isn’t all about tests, it’s about people and our family and friends. We should spend more time on that. There are different ways of evaluating students besides tests, like projects where everyone gets to work together. Test us on how well we do that! Not everyone does well on written tests.


I also think that students with disabilities shouldn’t be pulled away from their learning to go work alone with an adult. Most of the best learning happens in a group when you can bounce ideas off of other people .We can’t do that if we are all alone. They also should be able to participate in class discussions. They also shouldn’t be put in a class with all people with disabilities. They shouldn’t be treated like they’re different-they should be treated like every other person.


Finally I think that schools should be more involved with the arts. We have 3 art programs at Elboya, art, drama and music but that’s it. Lots of people don’t even get those as options, and you only get 45 minutes of each one each week. Art is important. It gives us dreams.


“It gives us dreams” I couldn’t have said it any better my self Simon.