Those of us at Inclusive Humanity really struggled as to whether or not to share this piece. However we remain committed to the notion that in order to change the way the general public thinks about the value and contributions people with disabilities have to make to the community, we must be honest with ourselves about what many people who don’t know or love someone with a disability thinks about the notion of “suffering as it relates to disabilities”.

See Global News posts misinformed and narrow-minded piece entitled “Taking Mercy”.

To be clear we see this piece as hate propaganda.

However we desperately need to understand the significant public misinformation we are battling against. Ever wonder how our messaging effects the public perception? Need to see where benevolence, segregation, and the vulerability of being defined by labels and service delivery lands you? Here is it folks in all it’s pity, charity and ugliness.

Try to create some love and understanding today will you?