My good friend Deanne Frère, and her family celebrated Wyatt’s Birthday this weekend. To celebrate she created a video which encompasses the dreams that every family has for their children.

Extraordinary and ordinary at the same time. I have loved watching Wyatt grow up. Wyatt and his family have been the subject of many photo shoots I have stewarded in my career. He was a baby when we started, and they have been some of the most emotive and compelling images ever captured. (Photos credit for the images often used goes to Karee Davidson of Concepts Photo and Design in Saskatoon.) Deanne has always been so generous with Inclusive Humanity, sharing her family and important milestones with us along Wyatt’s journey. This video sums it up nicely. So here’s to you Wyatt, you have been my beacon of hope for a new generation of citizens with disabilities. May you never know about segregation, isolation and loneliness. Things will be different for you my young friend. The whole damn world is waiting for you incredible contributions.