*Please note that the following post is not intended as a reflection of any particular agency but is rather to identify broad themes experienced by many organizations who are bravely making the journey through changing paradigms and shifting priorities, and the resulting reactions from said changes. It is an attempt to pathologize the reactions that can sometimes occur in organizations, and to use the same language and jargon used to describe and diagnose those individuals who receive service from organizations. THIS IS SATIRE.


Do You or Someone you Love Suffer from Eyenoitawl?

NameEyenoitawl (also commonly known as Beanthrdonthat, and Shr4somfokes)

Symptoms-Excessive eye-rolling, fear of change, “this is why it won’t work” ideations, chronic absenteeism, rumour mongering, toxic attitude, undue labelling and diagnosing, closed  body language, unfocused anger and apathy, lack of participation , increasingly screechy vocalization of whininess.

Pathology of Virus-Highly Contagious, infectious, and prone to spread like wild fire though out  entire service delivery systems, often linked to genetic relationship with government funding.

Treatment Protocol-Spending copious amounts of time with those who receive service from your agency,  listening with integrity, training in Person-Centered thinking as opposed to System-Centered thinking. slowing down, acting with mindfulness, defining the difference between equality and equity, and mentorship.

Left Untreated May Result In-the eradication of citizen personhood, segregation of vulnerable people, isolation, loneliness, lack of meaningful relationships, and burn-out.