Todays article from CBC about the Ontario Mother who threatened to abandon her daughter on the steps of the Ministry of Human Services-for want of a group home placement, has left me saddened, worried and a more than a little ticked off about the irresponsible reporting of this event.

Come on CBC…really? “the mental capacity of a two year old“?

When did it become 1954?
Factually incorrect, wildly biased, definitively insulting, and grossly negligent.

In a word, BLECK!

It is exactly this kind of sentiment that contributes to the stigma that somehow people with disabilities are less than human, that they remain eternal children, that they don’t experience maturity and development and are not entitled to the life changes that go along with this growth.

Congratulations CBC, every time you write a piece like this you are complicit in this deterioration of human rights.

There is definitely a dramatic need for supports to individuals with disabilities and their families. No one disputes that fact. But must it be a “group home”, or a “day program” every time?

We will never be able to fund a full time “custodial care” model for everyone, and thank-goodness for that.

Wondering about our obligation to each other?
Where does the role of community play out in all of this?

As always poised for you thoughts!