Because I often forget that hate is stealthy and patient, quietly crouching in the darkest parts of us, the places we are afraid to look.

It doesn’t care which label you or the rest of the world uses – often foists on you and spews at you with vehemence. Be you an Immigrant, Disabled, LGBTQAI, Aboriginal Person, Warrior Mom, or Feminist, etc…and the labels YOU hear are more frequently ugly.

Hate sees you, it knows where you live and who you love.

And it gets a foothold every once in a while because sometimes there is the forgetting.

The forgetting while I sit in my bubble of privilege that I love you.

Forgetting to acknowledge that I see you, standing on the edge, living on the front line, taking a stand.

And while I don’t think this violence only pertains to you because of your label, I wanted you to know how proud I am of you.

Because you have been such a tremendous and loyal fighter, such a strong, loving, good man, a consummate professional woman of ambition and integrity, and an important role model and example to my boys and I…. I sometimes forget how brave you are.

Because I imagine myself deep in the fray, I forget it’s different for you.

I seldom consider the hostility and very real threat of violence you face everyday, simply because you honour the true essence of your identity.

I’m afraid for you, for me, and for my boys, but I refuse to let my fear turn into hate.

For that reason it felt important for me to articulate all the ways in which I am thankful for you.

Thankful that you stand on the front line of justice, and love, and equity, and diversity.

I visit but you live there.

I wish to hell you didn’t have to, but am so wildly grateful that you do.

In solidarity and peace