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Inclusive Humanity prides it’s self on being your best source of support and facilitation for the creation of more inclusive schools, neighborhoods, and businesses. We provide strategic planning, coaching, facilitation, workshops and public speaking to organizations all over the world that want to develop greater social justice, collaboration and inclusion in their spheres.

We stand firmly in the conviction that compelling narratives and the stories and voices of self-advocates can be combined to create real and lasting in change in our world. Help us make our communities, workplaces and educational systems, better, stronger, healthier and vibrant by ensuring the meaningful contributions of citizens with disabilities. Join us won’t you?

Meet Krista Davidson-Flint

“25 years in the field of inclusion and disability culture.”

“She works with non-profit organizations across North America to help them create strategic plans.”

Krista Flint has spent 25 years in the field of inclusion and disability culture. She is passionate about social justice and is a fierce ally-advocate about the ways in which communities, schools, and business’s can be made better by the presence and contributions of citizens with disabilities. She is the Chief Story Teller at Inclusive Humanity.

She works with non-profit organizations across North America to help them create strategic plans, conceptualize civic and economic goals, and has become innately successful uncovering and illuminating the social capital that exists in human service when combined with a compelling narrative.

Recognition of her expertise has been realized through the initiation of a partnership with the Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors and the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada in the creation of a value neutral language bank. The language bank will facilitate the provision of fair and balanced information about Down syndrome in both the pre and postnatal setting, and in the promotion of National Prenatal Legislation.

Krista is widely published in the disability and mainstream literature, including both of Canada’s national newspapers. She has also co-authored piece published in the Canadian Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology article entitled “Prenatal Screening for Fetal Aneuploidy: A Commentary by the Canadian Down Syndrome Society”.

Social marketing is an area where Krista has a proven track record of success. At The Developmental Disabilities Resource Center (DDRC) she was responsible for the creation of the Alberta based social marketing initiative Everyone Belongs. She also undertook a complete re-branding of the Canadian Down Syndrome Society in 2006 and stewarded the creation of the Award Winning Documentary “Then and Now” highlighting the advancements in equity that has been forwarded by self-advocacy in Canada. Krista’s work in plain language and the accessibility of information has received critical international acclaim.

Krista is a highly sought after public speaker and has been a presenter at the United Nations Consultation on the Canadian Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. She was called upon to present a brief and testify on the vulnerability of Citizens with Disabilities before the Canadian Cross-Party Parliamentary Hearings on Compassionate and Palliative End of Life Care. She was also a presenter at the World Down Syndrome Congress in Dublin on “Value Neutral Language in the Prenatal Setting as it relates to a Determination of Down Syndrome”. She has given this presentation in nearly every province and territory in Canada in Children’s Hospitals, neonatal settings, high-risk pregnancy counselling programs, and general hospitals in-person or through tele-health. She was also an invited presenter at the United Nations in New York City on International Down Syndrome Day (March 21st).

“Krista is a highly sought after public speaker and has been a presenter at the United Nations…”

“…Krista and a self-advocate created and facilitated a curriculum on disability and mental health sensitivity training…”

Krista has extensive experience in curriculum creation and facilitation as she has created countless models and workshops for training in the areas of Social Messaging, Social Justice, New Parent Training, and the Power Differential Evidenced in Paid Service Delivery Models. She was a participant and group leader in the Canadian Association of Human Rights Agencies Summit on Defining a Rights Based Framework on Inclusive Education.

In the business sector Krista and a self-advocate created and facilitated a curriculum on disability and mental health sensitivity training for all Calgary City Library Staff, and within the new recruit training for the Calgary Police Service.

In the arena of policy and regulatory advocacy, Krista is a graduate of the Wilberforce Program through the Manning Centre for Democracy in Ottawa. She was seconded to create and facilitate a training module on Social Justice, Inclusion and the Vulnerability of the Disabled in Service delivery Systems, as a result of a Fatality Inquiry within Manitoba Child Protective Services. She was invited to consult with Senator Jim Munson in October of 2015 to discuss policy and legislation as it relates to citizens living on the Autism Spectrum and their families.

Krista’s work recently took her to Portland Oregon where she provided support and facilitation to the creation of a strategic plan for the Pacific North West Down Syndrome Association, which was instrumental in helping them secure a significant grant to create a “Think College” program in partnership with PSU.

Krista is a Mom, an advocate, a writer, and a thankful participant in the Disability Rights Community. She counts people with developmental disabilities as her greatest teachers, and she has been honoured to walk with citizens with disabilities and their families for her entire adult life. Her experience is vast and spans decades. She has been the Executive Director of a National Disability Organization, Manager of Social Marketing, a Director of Employment and Community Development, a leader and creator of Inclusive Education Programs.

What People Are Saying

Krista Davidson-Flint is remarkable. A forward looking, value based person who can identify and communicate issues with clarity. She is also approachable and alternatively fierce or comforting depending on the circumstances. She is also a friend and valued comrade of mine in whom I have every faith and confidence.

Michael Bailey

Father, Ally, Civil Rights Activist, Author of "Here to Stay: Americans With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities"